At Honeysuckle Lane Cheese we offer a line of cheese that is made on our farm, Daley Dairy, from fresh Grade A Raw Milk that comes from our Jersey influenced cows. We do not use any hormones or antibiotics in producing our milk, and we use natural fertilizer on our pastures and no pesticides or herbicides. Our cows are on pasture 365 days a year, with a minimal amount of grain. Our goal is to produce quality, wholesome milk so that we may produce a cheese with a creamy texture and a rich flavor.

At this time we offer four varieties of cheese: White Cheddar, Yellow Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheddar, and Colby. Our cheese is made with all natural ingredients with no preservatives. We use cultured raw milk, vegetable rennet, and sea salt. For our Yellow Cheddar we use a natural yellow coloring, which comes from the Annatto Tree. We use Longhorn Molds so we offer various sizes of our cheeses. When the cheese is taken out of the molds it is vacuum sealed and stored in our aging room at 42 degrees for at least 60 days. This aging process has the same results as pasteurization, but the digestive enzymes that are healthy for us are not destroyed.

Everyday we offer:

White Cheddar:               Snack Pack               1/2 pound            1 pound
Yellow Cheddar:             Snack Pack               1/2 pound            1 pound
Jalapeno Cheddar:           Snack Pack               1/2 pound            1 pound
Colby:                              Snack Pack               1/2 pound            1 pound

If you are interested in purchasing Honeysuckle Lane Cheese please go to the "Contact Us" tab where you will find all our information or feel free to leave a comment on that page. If you wish to order a different size please let us know and we will check for availability.

Yellow Cheddar in a 1/2 pound package.

Here are some pictures to show that Honeysuckle Lane Cheese and Daley Dairy
are a certified raw milk cheese plant and dairy farm.


  1. I just tried your JalapeƱo White Cheddar cheese. Loved it!

  2. Are there any stores in Little Rock where I can buy this cheese? Do you sell raw milk too? I am local, can pick it up.

  3. What is the shelf life of your cheese. I didnt know how long i could refrigerate before use :)