Good For You

Being the only raw milk cheese plant in Arkansas, we've learned most people have two reactions when they hear "raw milk cheese." They are curious about the taste, and a little nervous. That is understandable. We all grew up hearing that "pasteurized" was a great thing. And it is. But sometimes, there are better ways.

Milk is pasteurized to kill potentially harmful bacteria, but that process also destroys enzymes that are good for you. This bacteria is “aerobic” or air breathing. So as soon as our cheese is made, it is vacuum-sealed and chill-aged for at least 60 days. This takes care of any bacteria, while preserving the natural parts of the cheese that are really good for you and easier for your body to digest. At Daley Dairy our cows are in pasture all year round, which is better for them and much better for the cheese. Milk/cheese from grass-fed cows has 4 or 5 times as much vitamins, beta-carotene, and "CLA." That is a fat/enzyme that is hard to get naturally, which has been proven to have many health benefits...for fighting cancer, diabetes, and even weight loss. There is good news relating to cholesterol problems and even good news for those who have been lactose intolerant.

It may help to know that our farm is a functioning milk dairy too. Our milk gets tested every single day, by us, by the Co-op, and by an outside firm.
Oh, one other thing. Keeping the cheese all-natural has another benefit—our favorite one. It tastes great. Creamy. Rich. The way cheese is supposed to taste. We’re definitely glad it's good for us, but we'd probably eat just as much anyway.

Our vacuum-sealed cheese in our cooler room.

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  1. I live just down the road in Romance! Learning about raw cheese and its health benefits...soon to start feeding my baby girl something besides breastmilk. Very happy to see that we have a local raw dairy!!